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New Book: "Marketing Tools for Any Senior Center"

  • "Marketing Tools for Any Senior Center: The Marketing & Communications Handbook for Councils on Aging (COAs) and Senior Centers". Barrie Atkin is co-author with MCOA (Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging). Published by MCOA and NCOA, September 2017.

Marketing Tools for any Senior Center

Partial list of articles written by Barrie Atkin

  • "Reduce Risk with an Acquisition Screen"

    Folio Magazine

  • "Reduce Risk with an Acquisition Screen"

    Folio Magazine

  • "New-Market Smarts for Publishers"

    Folio Magazine

  • "Roundup of Membership Organizations' Benefits: Members Can Find Value in Paying Their Dues"

    Women's Business

  • "Using Activity-Based Cost Accounting to Avoid Garbage In, Garbage Out"

    MSEC Newsletter

  • "Management Consultant Suggests Ways to Cut Costs Without Cutting Your Productivity"

    Lehigh Valley Business Digest

  • "Motivating Support Personnel is Critical for Business Success"

    Great Valley Business News


Barrie Atkin has been quoted in various publications including:

  • The Wall Street Journal's WSJ. com Startup Journal

  • Working Woman Magazine

  • Folio Magazine

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